Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Horoscopes and Tinder

I heard that the horoscopes on are hauntingly accurate. I have always been a skeptic, most of the time I just wished what they were telling would come true as I was promised to find the one every other week. But today, today I have had a different experience:

Not every Tinder date or casual crush has to evolve into a lifelong love affair. 

Let's tell people we met at Starbucks instead of an online dating website.

This sentence is everything. This sentence is exactly what I needed, this sentence is what my thoughts have been lately, this sentence makes me feel good about myself and a bit better about those bunch of losers I came across on Tinder. I do not know how the writer of this horoscope knew not only that I am on Tinder, but that I have met a guy the same night I downloaded the app, met him in person the day after and been crazy about him ever since. Everyone, meet Gentle Kisser Scotsman who is - not surprisingly - a little bit of an asshole. (if you read it, GKS, I am sorry, but you really are. Read on.)

 I have known him for 3 weeks now, had 4 dreamy dates and obsessed about him all the time. The thing is, he is just not that into me. It is harsh and hard to admit, but that's just how it is. HE IS NOT THAT INTO ME. He texts, but then he does not for days. He meets me and says things like he had good fun and he is glad I spent the evening with him and he asks for reassurance that we would meet again soon, but then he just disappears, no texts.

Not to me at least. Because the WhatsApp stalker I am, I religiously check when he was last online and he is online a LOT. And I know it for a fact that he is not talking to his mum or his friends all the time. Okay, I do not know it for a fact, but my guts tell me and Olivia Pope's guts are never wrong. (The fact that I am not Olivia Pope because I could never pull flared pants off like she does is beside the point) And when I am so miserable that I cannot contain myself anymore I text him and he just acts like nothing happened. And then if I wait long enough (like 5 days) he texts again. Like it's totally acceptable to not text for 5 days and then text like nothing happened. No, Gentle Kisser Scotsman, it is not okay!

Let me tell you something, I HATE to text a guy first in this early period. I think a guy should do it and do it often. I am not saying all day or not even every single day but an occasional good morning or how was you day would not hurt. It would make me feel wanted and the attention.

So here I am, obsessing about a guy who has me behaving like an eager schoolgirl, getting a message from the universe that he probably isn't the love of my life.

But I like him so much.

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