Thursday, 2 October 2014

Confrontation gone awry

I was determined: Tonight I am going to confront gentle kisser Scotsman about his lousy texting habits. I am going to tell him to step up his game or let's forget the whole thing all together, because I need the attention and I go cray cray when I don't get it.

I got there, he kissed me, I simply could not bring myself to say the words. I also wanted to ask him about us, but I could not, I didn't dare to. I tried the trick learnt from David Rosen: ('It is good' 'What is good?' 'Us. This is good.'). He agreed, but that was it. He hugged me, he held me so tight. I just did not wan to ruin it with stupid overly attached questions. So we slept, he left to work and I went all 'SATC The Freak Show' in his place. Checked for stuff that possibly belong to a female in the bathroom, the number of dishes washed in the kitchen and lost underwear in the bedroom. Did not find anything. Counted the condoms, 9 pieces left in a box of twelve. All good. (Unless he had sex with 12 other times in the meanwhile and it's a new box.)

Made the bed, washed the dishes we used for dinner and left. He hasn't texted since.

Cray cray.

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