Sunday, 5 October 2014

Marta (not Stewart) [notice the lack of 'h']

After Scotsman not answering my text for almost 24 hours (okay, he is right, it was more like 16) but then invited me over for a little late night special I got furious. I just finished dinner at my friend's place (jeeeeesus, melted Camembert is so effing good) and was watching Holland's Got Talent when he decided he didn't want to go out and wanted me to come over instead. I was furious, but I wanted to go so I made my way till his place in the pouring rain, brought some wine that has never been opened during the night (not that I needed any more, I was comfortably tipsy and swearing in Hungarian on my way there) and pushed it into his hands saying "Put it in the fridge!" instead of kissing him. Classy, I know.

He got it. Something was wrong. It was not the wine talking, but the it definitely helped me, so I confronted him finally. It is not okay to ignore someone's text. If you want something casual and see other people than please do so, but stop seeing me. I know I looked and sounded like a crazy person, but he listened. He said sorry. He said he has never really showed his emotions openly. And he agrees that texting after 24 hours (all right, 16!) is wrong so he'll change that. The next morning I made sure he knew I meant every word despite the wine.

But I just don't trust him, I can't. Also, Marta texted him in the morning (once you start to check other people's phone you'll find it hard to stop) hoping he did not get lost (I wonder what lie he told her) and saying it was way too hot to do anything where she was. That is definitely not Holland coz I'm feeling kinda cold under the duvet.*

21 Christmas menus! - buffets, brunches,dinners, cocktail parties...

He made me breakfast, but cereals and yogurt don't make me trust him.

Whatevs. I'm meeting Dutchman tonight.

* That's a word he taught me.

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