Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Adventurous, are ya?

I've always thought of myself as a spontaneous, adventurous girl. The one who wakes up in a Saturday morning and decides to visit Paris for the weekend, let's say. The one who goes travelling and loves to leave the beaten track behind and to explore little streets, climb up hills to visit long-forgotten castle ruins and have a chicken burger purchased and consumed on the street. The real fun-loving, easy-going, low maintenance girlfriend material.

a little #romance in paris...

Well, the thing is I am not sure that I am this girl at all anymore. First off, I never wake up early on a Saturday morning. Ever. If I do it is because I had one too many drink the night before and I can never sleep long with a hangover. If I have to wake up early on a Saturday morning for some reason, I am totally miserable and think that life is just unfair. So by the time I normally wake up on Saturday mornings, it is too late to go to Paris, even if the Thalys would get me there in less than 3 hours.

The chicken burger is fine, but I would love to try the local specialty in that fancy sea-view restaurant with beautiful white leather chairs and waiters in a penguin suit. The little streets are okay if am in sensible footwear, but I would much rather go home to have a shower and prepare for the fancy restaurant than walk up to the castle. It is so nice from down here, isn't it darling?

So, yeah, maybe I am not the adventurous, fun-loving girl you wish to go backpacking with through Asia. Europe, maybe, but only if we stay in private rooms instead of hostels. Listen to me, sista here ain't gonna share a dorm with 15 sweaty, overly enthusiastic menstruating female backpackers. (Sometimes you only know that they are girls because they happen to be menstruating and won't miss a chance to share their misery with the rest of the world). Sista here wants to have some private one-on-one time with her boyishly handsome travelling partner, because that is the reason why we go travelling together on the first place, isn't it? To have sex all around Europe.

Now the realization came as a shock to me. I am probably not the dream of many guys my age who are finishing their degree and dreaming about the aforementioned backpacking trips. I need someone who loves comfortable adventure, meaning clean hotel rooms, fine dining (or at least proper dining) and shopping breaks. I am by no means high-maintenance, I don't want Ritz Hilton. I just want to feel comfortable, and I am sorry to say, but that cannot be fit into a backpack.

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