Friday, 26 September 2014

Best First Dates

Well the thing is I went out with this guy last Saturday and we are supposed to go out tomorrow as well (I hope I am not going to be stood up) but that’s not the reason why I came here today to write. I can rant any other day, but I do not have valid post ideas every day. So I have created a mental list in my little naughty head (that’s what a guy told me on Tinder. ha.) about my best dates and actually I have had some pretty great dates in the past.

15 Life Tips According To Mindy Kaling... haven't seen this show, but this makes me really want to

3. The Bronze-medal goes to the guy who I think I dated first or like early on when I reached a dating appropriate age. Well I think the date went pretty well but he never actually wanted to meet me again so I cried for like a month afterwords. The asshole! And I am even giving him a medal... Well, probably it is because it was in that sweet teenage love affair phase and the memory is just so nice. So we met in Szeged and then we went to a beer festival and I met some of his friends, and he complemented my outfit (I remember till present day I wore an off-red tank top that now I use to the gym when all my proper gym clothes are in the wash and baggy denim shorts.) I don’t actually remember more than that, I am not sure whether we kissed or not… But it was nice anyways, it was a sunny August day and my parents were away on holiday and I was just ecstatic that a guy whom I met in a club on a Saturday evening asked me out. Oh, and we also had a whole day conversation going on on MSN Messanger. Crazy, I know.

2. And the silver goes to…the guy who ruined the first 2 months of my Holland-experience, Robi. So our first date was on a particularly hot evening in July when my parents had some friends visiting so I was with them till a certain hour and then I would sneak out to meet this guy. It wasn't actually 'sneaking out' because they knew that I had gone out. On the other hand, I did have some extra kupica pálinka (shots of brandy) because I knew that the guy would come to meet me directly from a party and I did not want to be sober alone coz that’s no fun. It’s actually pretty uncomfortable. As a result I was comfortably tipsy and I met up with this guy and he came without a t-shirt on and we had a lots of fun and had some crazy tipsy conversations going on. And we even ran for God knows what reason. We definitely kissed and it was just a sweet, sweet night.

1. All right, no surprise here, the golden medal goes to…drum rolls…the policeman of my heart. [asshole] We went to the local thermal bath and the air just shizzled between us (it was a warm, but not hot late August day, just to stick to the trend of mentioning the time of the year). He pulled me closer to him, we hid in the inside pools where basically no one can see you (We did not have sex. We didn’t even make out. But we were véry close to each other) and I even met his friends there meaning he was not hiding me at all. The ending was a bit weird (well, okay then, see you soon I guess, bye) and we didn’t even make out, but still it was just such a beautiful date and he was just paying so much attention to me (not once he payed that much attention to me ever since, right now for example he dates a relative of mine, the asshole) and he actually texted me a day or two afterwords, so it was fine. (well he texted me to tell me that he didn't want to date me, but if I wanna have sex that is okay by him. See, I told ya, the guy is an asshole)

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