Saturday, 27 September 2014


Although I do want to date in the near future and meet some cuties (via Tinder) to keep this blog running, I have decided to focus on myself for a little while and find happiness inside me instead of expecting happiness from someone/something else: a new pair of shoes or a gentle kisser Scotsman. Speaking merely hypothetically right now. (Tho he could use a little more tongue) (Geee' girl, happiness inside you, not in someone else's mouth!!)

Eternal Style feels fabulous

These are the steps I am going to take towards self-actualization and finding happiness:

1. Stop buying any more clothes/shoes/bags/accessories. You might feel like you need them,  (because I do, I do need a new chunky sweater, and a bucket bag would be nice so when I go out I still can look fancy but carry some comfy shoes with me) but you really don't. I am just moving out from my old place, and oh my, do I have too much stuff? It hurts to get rid of some of my old pieces, because somewhere deep I still love them but I just don't wear them anymore and won't have a space to store it meaning they have to go. This could have been easily prevented by not buying all the things I liked in the past, but I did, so now for a little while Imma stop shopping. (It already hurts)

2. Spend a lot of quality time with friends and don't dump them for a guy. A guy can wait. A guy most probably is chatting with someone else on Whatsapp (well, how else would you explain him being online so much? HOW? You don't talk that often to your friends or mother. It must be a love interest. Ah, I sound so pathetic.) so he won't get offended if you meet your friends one night instead. Friends, on the other hand, get offended if you dump them for some random guy, so don't do it. Despite common belief, friends are a girls best friend.

3. Reflect. On your day, on your week, on a certain period. Every night or every other night spend a little time on reflecting on your life: what did you enjoy, what made you happy, what made you frustrated and what do you want in the future. It helps in seeing the sunny side and keeps you sane.

4. Do stuff that you are supposed to do and do them well. Finish pending school assignments, start your thesis research and show up for classes. No excuses, just do it already!

5. Communicate. And communicate clearly. Always text if you cannot make it, let them know what you are doing. Be trustworthy and responsible. This way you avoid a lot of inner frustration.

6. Embrace the ups and accept the downs. There will always be crap days. Don't beat up yourself, you are not supposed to be cheerful 24/7. It's okay. "The best way to prepare for the future is to take care of the present. Goodbyes will always hurt a little. Photographs can never replace the act of being there. Memories, good and bad, will sometimes bring tears. And words can never perfectly describe the feelings they represent. But that's OK." (via Marc and Angel Hack Life)

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